We have been experimenting with a new stream called aacPlus which gives superb sound quality over low bit rate streams and I must say that the results are really quite impressive.

The experimental aacPlus stream is running at 24kbps and sounds just as good as the 64kbps MP3 stream that we started out with.

The advantages of using this format is that it uses a lot less of listeners data allowance when they tune in.

We are going to be adding a lot more choice of streams over the next week which should give all listeners a lot of choice as to how they listen and what the quality is when they listen.

We are even considering using a lower bit rate accPlus stream than the one we already have running. We will also be adding a port 80 stream for those whose mobile networks block the 8000 port range to stop users from listening to internet radio stations.

This is an exciting time for London taxi Radio.