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The ITA have called a series of Demos planned to start on Monday 26th November 2018 with the first planned for London Bridge on the 26th at 4pm.


This action was called in response to TFL’s proposal to ban taxis from using Tooley Street.


The ITA state “where buses go we should go”


This is a series of planned action everyday until this issue is resolved.



Sean Paul Day & London Taxi Radio have published a UTAG special podcast Trevor Merralls and Ange Clarkson also appear on the podcast and answer questions about the UCG and UTAG


You can find the podcast on the following link



UTAG have now started the process of fundraising for the legal challenge

Ladies and Gentlemen the funding page is now up and running on the website, please get involved and contribute. No one is going to fund this for you, this is something you have to do.

It’s now or never and our future is in our hands.


If you don’t get into the ring, you can’t win the fight.

So step into the ring and join the people fighting this battle royal…help secure the future of the trade you worked so hard to become a part of.


Click on the link below and let’s start saving the trade.


If you want to read more about this action please click here:


Frequently asked questions:



Business leaders have roundly condemned, what has been considered to be by many, the plague of unlicensed and unruly rickshaw riders, encroaching onto Londons streets , ripping off members of the public and completely disregarding the law.

Rickshaw riders have been witnessed mounting footpaths, ignoring traffic regulations, riding through crowded areas at what could be considered “breakneck speed,” as well as charging unsuspecting riders exorbitant fees for relatively short journey’s. Business leaders have said that “enough is enough,” and are calling for a crackdown.


Westminster City Council have been attempting to bring in legislation for in excess of a decade but to no avail as they have been thwarted time after time, for a plethora of reasons.


With the proliferation of electric pedicabs, business leaders are now getting behind Paul Scully MPs bill, which if passed, will give Transport for London the power to regulate rickshaw owners and drivers, as well as protecting riders.


Under current legislation, pedicabs fall into the category of “stage-carriages” and as such are subject to some aspects of Hackney Carriage legislation.



Television personality, writer and businesswoman Martha Stewart has criticised Uber after being “less than impressed” after ordering her first ride with the minicab giant.


It was reported in The Daily Mail that Ms Stewart had ordered the Uber, her first, from Tiffany’s in Fifth Avenue, New York, and it went downhill from there.


Upon ordering an Uber, 77 year old Ms Stewart found that the first was a “no-show.” Another Uber then arrived 10 minutes later, Ms Stewart then complained that the vehicle was parked so far away that she couldn’t see the license plate, and then found that it was facing the wrong direction, facing East when she wanted to go South West.


Ms Stewart alleged that the Uber driver then took 20 minutes to get the vehicle travelling in the correct direction. The entrepreneur also alleged that the vehicle that she had to travel in was a mess, both inside and out.



Chris Johnson still needs to raise £4000 through his crowdfunding efforts for his employment claim against My Taxi.

If the target of £15,000 is not met within the next 10 days then the case will be unable to go ahead.

A preliminary court date has been set for the 8th January 2019.

Chris needs to raise a total of £18,000 by the end of December for this case to proceed, Chris said if the target is not reached there will not be the money to pay the barristers to represent him at the employment tribunal.

You can find Chris’s crowdfunding page at


The FX4 is 60 years old


Sixty years ago, sales commenced of a taxi so radical in design that not a few cabbies in the capital regarded it with a degree of suspicion. Where were the running boards? Why was there no opening windscreen, so essential for ventilation, demisting or for assisting visibility while driving through the stereotypical London fog?

Furthermore, how would the automatic gearbox cope with the rigours of urban motoring? And where was the luggage platform alongside the driver’s compartment?

The new Austin FX4 together with the Routemaster bus, it was symbolic of post-war change in the capital.



For all of the drivers that say Demo’s dont work, here is Jim Thomas telling us what demos have achieved



And our very own Joe Lewis and Jon Cox have released a Christmas Single called Christmas just ain’t Christmas without you.

You will be able to hear the song on ou Weekly show this Wednesday.

The track will be available for download from Monday 26th November from iTunes and all major outlets.

We will post a link to download the track when it becomes available.


Events in London this weekend kindly supplied by Sherbet London


Wednesday 21st

Music Night Celebrates Barry White at the London Palladium finish time approx 22:15.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall finish time approx 22:15.

Christine and the Queens at the Apollo Hammersmith finish time approx 22:30

Samantha Harvey at the o2 Academy Islington finish time approx 22:00.

YUNG LEAN at the o2 Academy Brixton finish time approx 22:30.


Thursday 22nd

Roger Taylor’s Queen Extravaganza at the Apollo Hammersmith finish time approx 22:30.

Anne-Marie – Speak Your Mind Tour o2 Academy Brixton finish time approx 22:30.

Basement at o2 Forum Kentish Town finish time approx. 22:30.

Wardruna 02 Shepherds Bush Empire finish time 22:30.

Florance and the Machine at the o2 Arena Greenwich finish time approx. 22:30



The next Cab Chat Pie & Mash Club meet is on Monday 17th December at Pie & Mash Welling in Upper Wickham Lane, Welling at 1pm, all are welcome to come along and meet the team and enjoy some traditional London Fayre.



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