Items discussed this week:
  • Tim Fenton blows the roof off TFL
  • Rachel Whetstone leaves Uber abruptly
  • Harrow Taxi driver stabbing, Police looking for two attackers
  • Uber are seeking a $900m loan following record annual loses
  • Keep those doors locked
  • Passenger robbed in the back of a Taxi in Oxford Street by 3 youths
  • Judge says Uber breached contract with drivers involving Safe Rides fee
  • London Transport Chiefs call for minicab cross border hiring reforms
  • London Taxi Radio relaunch at GSS City Diesel last Monday 5th March 2018
  • New report says Ubers under payment of drivers is keeping it afloat
  • Verifone to rebrand as Curb
  • Sorry driver Ive got no cash and your terminal is not working so I am not paying you!
  • Sadiq Khan to spend £6m on toilets for Bus drivers
  • Is the Uber crash at Buckingham Palace being covered up?
  • Uber driver took off with a mothers baby on the back seat
  • Gaunty to relaunch the Jon Gaunt podcast this week
  • Cab Chat Cheesy River Cruise? Shall we do it?
  • Credit Card Chargebacks


Call outs from the show:

Grant Davis

Sean Paul Day

Guilty Pleasure:

Elvis Marley
Britney Spears – Baby One More Time


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