Cab Chat Radio Show E166

Hosted this week by:
@SuperCabby & DropKick Rick

Issues discussed this week:

* Smoking e-cigarette while driving can land you with a £2,500 fine and a driving ban
* Strict new rules around MOTs could lead to a £2500 fine
* Interest Rates are likely to rise this year by .25% in May
* Royal Baby may be born today on St Georges Day
* Uber CEO had secret meeting with Mike Brown in January according to FOI request
* Uber are to hand over London customer data to TFL in a Peace Offering
* Comfort Delgro acquire Dial a Cab for £1.2M
* Last TX4 offered at £65,000 with Khan design
* Uber license decision to take place today
* LTPR launch new London Wide Bus Shelter advertising campaign Take a Ride in London’s Pride
* Customer Service

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Joke of the week with Drop Kick Rick

Traffic News and Road Closures

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Cab Chat is a podcast about London and it World Famous Taxi Drivers, taking a light-hearted and humorous look at whats going on in London