We are currently going through the process of moving our Radio Servers to a new Hosting provider, there are a few reasons for this move.

1. More reliable support from the new host

2. More reliable streams from the new host

3. Cost

4. Real UK based servers, our previous hosting company led us to believe that their servers were UK based when in fact they are based in Southern France!

So if you have our radio stream bookmarked then please visit the website and update your bookmark, the new streams have already been added to the website, the old stream will work until 1st February when they will no longer work.

For those who listen via TuneIn Radio, the server links within TuneIn should be updated sometime during the coming week and you should not notice any downtime at all.

Coming Soon, iPhone & Android Apps, we are currently looking at a range of developers for Apps, we are hoping to have both Apps available very soon, these Apps are able to run in the background whilst you use other Apps on your device