First podcast under the newly owned LTR banner. Presented by @seanpaulday. Contributions from @Thomasthetaxi @mirna0405 and @FrankBullit39.

Sean Paul talks about the state of the trade and asks, if the LEVC taxi is final blow to the cab trade? If so, what  does TfL need to do about it?

Special guests include Frank Bullit steps who steps beyond the LEVC to to put a timescale on automation.

LTR descends on the LTDA Branch Meeting. Members attend the meeting month in, month out to voice their concerns. How is the LTDA addressing these concerns?

Mirna & Ursula trot around the monopoly board doing lunch and taking in the sights. Look out for them.

A brief look at Gett and mapping, PH and Congestion Charging, and taking credit.

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