The Taxi Garage which is home to London Taxi Radio has been undergoing a refurbishment over the last couple of months which meant that the office where the main computer was housed had no internet or electricity (not very good for a computer running a Radio Station).

Whilst these works were going on we moved the Radio Station onto a Windows VPS Server that we rented from a company in London, we had trialled a small VPS server with them during the month before the planned refurb of the office but decided we needed more space and power to run the station.

For the first month we had a couple of teething problems that we quickly sorted and then when the second month came along the station was running lovely on its new VPS home, so much so that we were considering leaving it there as the connection speeds were a lot faster and obviously data centres have UPS backup in case of power failures which meant the station would be more stable on a VPS in the data centre. Also the power consumption that a computer uses could be offset against the of renting the VPS.

The VPS server that we rented is nothing to do with our radio servers that we rent as they are rented from a different company who we are extremely happy with and who has and is giving us fantastic service at a really great price.

So everything was running really well so you can imagine my surprise when on Wednesday i received an email stating that the company who rented us the VPS server were to be ceasing that service from midnight on 19th June, yes the same day even though the email was dated 18th June I never received it until the 19th!

Luckily the refurb of the office at the Taxi Garage was completed on the 17th and I had re-installed the radio station computer and switched it on just in case of an emergency!

So hastily while sitting at the Oak eating my dinner i had to log onto the VPS and deactivate the Radio Station software and then log onto the station computer at the garage and reactivate the software and switch the station over which all went very well and the station was back up and running.

There was just one problem!!! I had forgotten to plug in the external hard drive which is where all of the shows and music is stored Doh!

So for a few hours all London Taxi Radio was playing was one Jingle followed by another Jingle until it found some old shows and aired them.

So now we are back to normal and running at full power and a normal schedule will resume from 7:00am on Sunday 23rd June.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused our listeners but this was totally beyond our control and had the VPS company given us a little more notice we could have planned the switch over to be a lot smoother.

Thank You for bearing with us, London Taxi Radio is a new radio station and we are learning all the time.