The London Taxi Website is now up and running.

We have also fully integrated the site with both our Facebook Page and Twitter account as we feel that Social Media is very important these days. It took a lot of wok, mainly because I ended up with an injury. After a couple of trips to the doctor and a bunch of tests they told me I have an injury in my wrist, and it might be from working a tad too hard. Oh well.

The doctor told me I had to buy oxycodone and take that for a while and rest, but I could only take the medication, I wanted to finish the site and that’s why it’s a bit late. Hopefully you like it! There’s still work to be done but I will be resting my wrist for a few and following up with the doctor before continuing my duties, to be safe. Thanks for understanding.

If you would like to see anything added to our site then please let us know.