Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 14.51.42We have had some drivers say that they cannot receive Sherbet Radio because they now have Windows based Smart Phones.

Tune In radio is available for Windows Phones although apparently there are problems installing the app on particular models.

With this in mind we have updated the stream details for our web app which should work on any device no matter what software platform it operates on.

The Web App should prompt you to save it to your home screen and will then appear on you screen in the same way as any other app.

I have been unable to test it on a windows phone as I do not have a device to test on so I would really appreciate if windows phone users could let me know whether or not it works.

The Web App is still branded as London Taxi Radio but both relay the same radio stream.

You can download the Web App by clicking here

Or you can download a low quality version by clicking here, lower nitrate means less data used