Sherbet Radio started off running from a second hand computer which was configured as a server running from a small office upstairs in a Taxi Garage connected to a BT business broadband connection which was running at around 40 Meg.Running a server based in an office which is basically in the roof of a garage posed various problems, in the winter the office was freezing cold and in the summer the temperature was unbearable which meant that the fans in the PC were running constantly. Last summer we managed to destroy 3 PCs during the hot spell and 1 hard drive during the cold spell which can obviously get quite expensive. Also a computer running with its fans at full speed continuously can also consume a considerable amount of electricity (a problem you can tackle through business energy comparison websites).Recently the garage that we were operating out of was sold to a new owner and since then the radio station server has been running from within my home on our internet connection! This was obviously less than satisfactory as every time I uploaded something to thee internet it would interfere with the radio station output as my upload speed runs at around 9Mbps.Initially this didn’t really matter as we did not have the funds to pay for our license until the UCG stepped forward and kindly offered to pay the stations license fees to both PRS and PPL which enabled us to restart broadcasts and get back on air and since then we have been looking for an alternative to streaming from a home broadband connection.We had in the past dabbled with running the station from a VPS (Virtual Private Sever) with varying success while the taxi garage was being refurbished but after the company that we were using decided to stop offering Windows VPS servers we went back to running the station from the office in the garage.It has taken us 2 months to find a suitable company who offers the level of VPS that we needed at a price that we could afford to pay and I am happy to say that we have now found one. There are a lot of companies who offer Linux VPS servers very cheaply but we needed a Windows VPS server as the radio automation software can only run on windows. I am glad to say that we have finally found a company offering just what we needed and at a very reasonable price.Now instead of running on an internet connection with an upload speed of either 18Mbps or 9Mbps we now have a connection of 1Gbps straight into the internet backbone which then connects to our streaming servers which also run at 1Gbps which means that there should be no buffering between the automation software and the streaming servers which is something that we were encountering in the past quite frequently which in turn would mean that the end user, i.e. the listener would have seen a drop in signal or severe buffering. Now the only buffering that the listener may encounter is purely down to the speed of their own connection to the net.