Cab Chat Radio Show E164 09-04-2018

Hosted this week by:

@SuperCabby & @Iamcabman


Issues Discussed this week:

Taxi Driver numbers down 660 on this time last year

Whats your favourite Cabby Eatery?

Pensioner who was arrested for stabbing a burglar in his own home

Work has been quiet on the streets over the past week

Uber driver to be jailed over passenger rape

Features this week:

Vape of the week

Word of the week

Taxi Rank Titters

Tweet of the week

Camera Hotspots

Charity roundup

Traffic news and road closures

Word of the day

Callers to the show:

Mark Sherlock

Tel: 07784 161656

Cab Chat is a podcast about London and it World Famous Taxi Drivers, taking a light-hearted and humorous look at whats going on in London