LTR at GSS E2 09-04-2018

Hosted this week by: @seanpaulday

Co-presenters this week: @supercabby @Mickthebrit @Requiredlevel @Paulharris and a late appearance by Scott Wolsey. Overseen by Mirna Borne

LTR’s second venture LIVE from GSS

@Gentlemancabbie returns to LTR

Issues discussed: The future and what it holds for the cab trade. What does the trade need to do, if anything?

Is the political route working and if not what do we do about it?

A leading Surveyor who worked for TfL for nearly three years claims those running it are ‘Beyond inept’. We’d be inclined to agree.

Compensation? There should be consequences for offshore multinationals operating illegally, surely? Why shouldn’t it be in the form of recompense for those who have lost out?

Gett and mapping.

Data! Not doing us any favours?