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Cab Chat Radio Show E177 13-08-2018

Hosted this week by @SuperCabby

Guests this week:

Dan from Plan Insurance

Jason Kron – DriverTax

Drop Kick Rick

Gary Jacobs – DriverTax

Issues Discussed this week:

Taxi Drivers to carry Defibrillators

Legal Action against Uber

Ola announces plans to enter the UK Taxi & Private Hire Market

Proximo seem set to enter the Taxi Hire business renting out the New Electric Metrocab

Researchers conclude: Men with beer bellies get more women and live longer

London is heading for a shortage of available Taxis with nearly 4 times more older taxis coming off the road than new being licensed for the first time. Also it appears that more Taxis are being taken off the road than needed as some appear to be being taken out of service before their 15 year age limit.

Electric London Taxis Debut in London more than 120 years ago

LTDA print a readers letter in Taxi newspaper that has outraged the trade

Mr Oranges diary of an LTDA member

Contributions this week:

Saul @RequiredLevel – Unsung Heroes


Steve @SixMileSteve – Point of the Week

And Much More…….

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Cab Chat is a podcast about London and it World Famous Taxi Drivers, taking a light-hearted and humorous look at whats going on in London