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Cab Chat Radio Show E178 30-08-2018

Hosted this week by @SuperCabby

Issues Discussed this week:

New Cab Chat Feature – Guess who I have had in the back of my cab

TFL plans to scrap or shorten a lot of bus routes to ease congestion in Central London

Sherbet London launch new Taxi Hailing App

Dartford Crossing Charge to go up for those with accounts only

But Southend News Network have reported that it will be free for anyone who can cross in 30 seconds or less

Electro-magnetic radiation health concerns surrounding the electric taxi put to bed

London Mayor again asks government for powers to cap minicab numbers in the capital

Tariff increase agreed and London Taxi Meters to start at £3.00 increase equates to 60p in every £100 a day driver earns but night drivers increase is 0

Vomit Fraud seems to be a big thing with Uber Drivers

Young couple nearly die as their Uber Car plunges into the sea

LCDC Chairman Grant Davis calls for a retrial of the Uber License Appeal

Gett & Carry International Chauffeur Service form partnership

Uber is to pay $1.9 for sexual harrasment claims

Toyota to invest $500m in Uber driverless car deal

Uber to focus in Bikes over cars

10 London Taxi Drivers set to climb Kilimanjaro in a bid to lose weight, Saul will be interviewing Roshan Varma next week about their plans

TFLs bus safety record brought into question

Ian Collins leaves LBC and nighttime radio after 15 years stating that he is just going to take a long overdue rest.

Man stabbed in Deptford brings London’s knife crime to 100 incidents

Cab Charge CEO says Uber, Taxify and DIDI are in a race to the bottom as they fight for customers!

And finally another Pruis goes up in flames on Edgeware Road tonight

Contributions this week:

Dan from Plan

Saul @RequiredLevel – Unsung Heroes


Steve @SixMileSteve – Point of the Week

Drop Kick Rick – Taxi Rank Titters

Mark Wakely – Waterloo Uncovered

Gary Jacobs – Kosher Comedy

Gary Jacobs – Open Banking

And Much More…….

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Cab Chat is a podcast about London and it World Famous Taxi Drivers, taking a light-hearted and humorous look at whats going on in London