Would you like to start your own Radio Station?

Would you like your own branded content and regional topical shows?

During the setting up of London Taxi Radio we have gained a wealth of knowledge on how to set up and run an internet radio station as easily as a two way radio.

We could supply you with a complete package including your own Radio Server, Shoutcast or Icecast, your own Radio Automation software a lot of which can be had for free.

We can help to get your station listed on all the major internet radio station directories.

We can provide you with your own station imaging and branding either through our own in house production studio or via our radio imaging company.

We can also provide you with syndicated radio shows for when you have no live programming.

We can also submit your licensing application if you want to run the station in your own right, or you could become part of Taxi Radio and just produce your own regional local news, chat and talk shows between our main broadcast programs.

Our package would include the following:

Radio Servers
Radio Automation Software
Generic Radio Jingles
Station Imaging

It does not have to be as expensive as you think and can be started for just a few pounds per month.

If you are interested in either getting involved with Taxi Radio (London) or running your own Taxi based Radio Station then please get in touch admin [@] londontaxiradio.co.uk