It seems as though TuneIn Radio have lost the plot at the moment as they are not answering any emails and it seems that we are not the only station who are having problems with TuneIn. Currently if you tune to London Taxi Radio via TuneIn Radio you will hear a station that has absolutely nothing to do with us whatsoever.

TuneIn are not answering emails from stations or from users of the app, we are not sure if they are in some sort of trouble but there does not seem to be any life at TuneIn.

This has prompted us to start looking at alternative ways for our mobile listeners to tune in to London Taxi Radio and some of the options on the table are native apps or a HTMLS Web App.

If you want to listen to London Taxi Radio we have set up a temporary player that should work across all devices as it is not flash based please just point your web browser at

We hope to have this problem with TuneIn Radio resolved as soon as they start communicating with people again.