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In this show:

London Mayoral Elections

Local council elections

Mayday protest at Islington Town Hall

Uber Want’s 20,000 More Driver’s On The Street’s Of London……

Uber ‘Pick-up Points’ In Soho Due To No Access Road….

ADCU Say’s
We’ve been saying for years that @TfLTPH has licensed 90k PHVs but failed to ensure the provision of essential operating infrastructure. We urgently need a minimum 4,000 dedicated stopping/rest areas for PHVs in zone 1. 

Have TfL’s private hire licenses got out of control, seeing TfL roundels picking up all over Kent in areas that they are not licensed for.

Are TfL complicit in helping Uber’s growth through licensing vehicles that they know will not operate in the London area

Bailey’s Bus
£300 Per Day To TfL

Still Lack Of Enforcement
For Taxi Only E-Charger’s

LTN Putting Lives At Risk By Delaying Ambulances

Road Closures

Is Frustrating Emergency & Other Blue Light Services In Life & Death Race To Reach Patient’s Quickly

Gareth Emerson Ex TfL Failing To Protected The Public, Bit Like He Did At TfL

All change at the Bank

Heathrow cabbies forced to live in their Taxis

Heathrow Airport Ltd wants to try and raise prices to recoup £3.5b but paid out £4B in dividends to its shareholders

Heathrow feeder park price increase is due to HAL wanting to recover their 2020 loses in just 12 months and not over a more realistic timeframe of 5 years

Freenow want to pay PH drivers congestion charge of £15 while you are paying them 20% commission on your own work that they have taken from the trade

Freenow want you to upgrade your Taxi to electric by 2024 even though TfL will license diesel cabs until 2032

Friday 7th May was switch off Freenow day, we will have to wait until next week to see how many drivers supported this action

Chris Johnsons go fund me campaign against Freenow for the employment rights tribunal

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Dan from Plan

Drop Kick Rick

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