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In this show:

Uber Gate scandal, David Cameron/Boris Johnso

The LCDC TV Uber video and its implications

Rickys request for Tits to send in Jokes

More new Taxi podcasts out there from Liverpool

The Cab Chat Team are innovators and not imitators

More Taxis Seen Out & About

Silly Khan’s ‘40,000 pollution deaths a year’ is a zombie statistic and isn’t true, says respiratory physician

Putney Station Air Reading’s

Down 90% Since Buses In The Area Went Electric…..(conclusion: buses pollute )

Why are there still 09 reg and 59 reg buses running around Bexley, Welling and surrounding areas when TfL want rid of all older Taxis?

These bus zones, in particular, are having a big impact. For example, last year the first air quality breach took place on 6 January 2017 on Putney High Street, a notorious pollution hotspot. But since upgrading the bus fleet along the High Street route, and delivering the first of my Low Emission Bus Zones, hourly pollution breaches have been reduced by 90% in just a single year.

Source https://m.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/london-air-pollution_uk_5a65229de4b002283003f912?uw9&utm_hp_ref=uk-homepage

Mad Dog’s & Donnachadh

Want’s To Cull Our Pet’s

The Untold Told Story:

Men’s Mental Health

Make you own Jingle about the Cab Chat Show, send it in and we will make it sound great

Send us your sad stories for Our Tune

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Dan from Plan

Drop Kick Rick

Dales Diaries

Rob Cardwell – David Kurten Interview

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