Finally TuneIn have updated our stream details, we apologise to our listeners for any inconvenience that this disruption has caused.

We now have 6 streams running through TuneIn Radio so you can choose which one you would like to listen to according to your mobile data plan and listening requirements.

TuneIn is a great app it’s just a pity that their support seems to be somewhat lacking, we were made aware that we were not the only station who were having problems updating our details with TuneIn.

Thankfully everything is back to normal now and you can once again Tune In and listen to the New Voice of the London Taxi Trade, London Taxi Radio.

We are still going ahead with developing our own app which will make the station more accessible for drivers but we are undecided between native apps and a HTML5 Web App, with native apps you have to build one for each device whereas with a HTML5 Web App it should theoretically be cross device compatible, the pros for native apps is that they are easier to download and install but the cons are the costs of developing an app for each device and should the need for updating arise then the cost is multiple whereas with a HTML5 Web App its just one update. We hope to have something available before our launch date on Monday 4th March 2013.

Also don’t forget that you can also Tune In to London Taxi Radio via the web player that we installed which will play in the background please click here Web Player

Thank you for your patience and cooperation while we sorted the problem with TuneIn Radio